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About Us

About Aadhi Granites

AADHI Granites is the name of perfection & satisfaction; we conscientiously export first quality Granite Monument, Granite Slabs & Tiles from India to across the globe. It is our pride to provide extensive range of superior granite products with supreme class, exceptional services, and timely execution, to satisfy our customer. We source our natural granite through systematic scrutiny and continue the same in various stages of processing and deliver our worldwide customers. Our ground-breaking and distinctive queries solving ability support our customers attain finest outcomes therefore, we have a huge network of happy customers around the world.

Aadhi Granites is thoroughly professional managed company who set high standards only to surpass them to keep ahead in the global competition. This company is always striving to discover exclusive new materials for the global market. Our skilled talents are trained in manufacturing monuments for America, Europe, UK and Australia.

In 1996 we made our entry into the granite business with mining in India. We soon gained expertise in sourcing of quality granite slabs & tiles within India. Now the company has successfully established its own exclusive products from India in the international market.

Aadhi Granite’s team includes competent experts from the fields of Marketing, Management, Engineering & Mining. The Company is based on the dedication & sincerity of the entire team of artists of Granite business.

Aadhi Granite’s vision is to "Build a strong brand image to make our granite manufacturing & exporting business a technology driven manufacturing, with innovation as tradition and to attain superior quality. Our commitment to values is our first priority and client reliability is unshakable, empowering the company to attain a remarkable all round business growth and strong asset base and demonstrate unsurpassed results.”

Our Products


Monuments are an enduring and memorable example of something or somebody. We make it more memorable & permanence with high quality granite monuments with first grade material, precise details, durability. Our artisan's association increases the appeal of granite as a memorial stone.

Aadhi Granites are one of the leading provider of such granite monuments to retailers and large-scale community mausoleums for the funeral industry. We offer wide ranges of various styles including traditional, custom monument designs, headstone, grave marker, tombstone, stele, gravestone, columbarium and mausoleum for Canada, USA, German, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Ireland, England, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, etc

The most common type of monuments is the gravestone or the monuments plaque.Ingram Construction is the leading provider of large-scale community mausoleums for the funeral industry.


Building Application

With the motive to offer an optimum-finished range, we develop top-notch quality Granite Slabs, Counter-tops & Tiles. Our Granite Slab is finds wide usage in flooring, tiles, pillars, interior and exterior designs and many more.

Make your renovation dreams a tangible reality with supreme-finished collection, Our polished granite slab are delivered with high and precise details with the best in class finish, Our products are develop a top-notch quality Granite Slab, are used in Countertops, tile floors, stair treads, wall panels, pillars, interior & exterior Design elements to produce an elegant, high-luster space. We are capable of providing our customers with any finishes they desire.



Granite blocks are a kind of igneous rocks formed from magma. These blocks are very hard and tough. They can comfortably stand extreme climatic conditions like scorching heat, heavy downpours, snowfall, storms, and so. This is the reason they are widely used in construction applications. The granite blocks are manufactured in a multitude of designs, shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and textures.

The granite blocks available nowadays possess the special qualities of being corrosion-resistant, unaffected to frost, thaw, and polluted environment. Moreover, almost all the granite blocks are fade-free, oil-resistant, and slip-resistant due to their coarse surface. Granite block is an ideal example of elegant and sturdy construction material.

Aadhi Granites have captive quarries in various Indian colors. The quarries have been chosen after careful consideration, supply capacity and integrity. We can source other materials from our captive quarries. Our shaping, dressing, time to shipment and quality control of blocks are industry leading thus ensuring highest value for our customers.


Our Services


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“Quality is never an Accident, it is Always the result of intelligent effort”

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Our Values
We believe that our success depends on flexibility and responsiveness to our customers, encouragement and rewards to our people, and profitability and satisfaction to our business partners