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“Quality is never an Accident, it is Always the result of intelligent effort”

Quality is at the foundation of Aadhi Granites manufacturing, business operations and strategies. 

Aadhi Granites operates a quality management system that has been practiced by world big manufacturing companies and conform to the eight quality management principles of the ISO 9001 Quality Management systems, internationally-recognized quality standard.

Aadhi Granites applies all of the standard's required internal checks and guidelines that continuously improve internal processes and increase the quality of products and services that Aadhi provides.

The customer satisfaction is recognition of Aadhi's commitment to its customers to provide them with products and services that consistently meet or exceed their quality expectations.

Aadhi Granite was born from a passion for working stone and the desire to harmonize quality and aesthetics into artistic lasting pieces. With Extensive knowledge and expertise in all varieties and classes of stone. Every slab that we sale or export is inspected by strict Quality Control Tests before being shipped. We have trained Quality Control Inspectors who scrutinizes every product carefully for surface integrity, style, color, consistency, size, thickness, and polish. This assures that we deliver you Granite of the supreme quality consistently.