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Manufacturing Unit

Unique about the smart factory is, it is way ahead from the conventional method of production in ganite industry. The process from the inward of the raw material as granite blocks till loading the finished products as monuments, headstones, grave markers, columbarium, mausoleums, slabs, pillar or tiles into the container for shipment is automated with leading machineries and processes. Each and every people, machines involved in the process or production are enabled to access the system which helps in controlling and monitoring the entire process to achieve the best quality ever. Customer is also engaged directly which makes it a complete smart factory.

Factory is capable of providing our customers with any finishes they desire. When shaping, cutting and polishing our final Granite products we are able to come up with elegant, beautiful and unique designs for our customer at the same time to deliver customer custom design.

Aadhi granites is able to make smart factory possible through network of machines, people and process enabling real-time optimization of the entire manufacturing flow. Intelligent manufacturing promises higher production efficiency from factory floors all the way through the value chain of manufacturing, supplier and distribution.

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